Student Paper Award

The Best Student Paper Award will be attributed to a student author for writing a remarkable paper and making an outstanding presentation at ECOC 2015.


In addition to the first prize winner, two honorable mention winners will be selected. The first prize winner will receive 2000€ while both honorable mention winners will receive 1000€ each.


The awards will be announced on-site by the Sponsor representative at the ECOC 2015 closing ceremony.


To compete for the Best Student Paper Award:

  • The principal author should be a student at the time of submission of his/her paper.
  • The student should apply by ticking the appropriate box in the on-line paper submission form.
  • The student should be registered for the conference. No financial help will be provided for conference registration, transportation and accommodation by the conference organizers.
  • The student author should be the presenter of his/her work at the conference.



The Student Paper Award is sponsored by ADVA











Seyed Reza Sandoghchi

"High Dynamic Range Technique for Discrete and Distributed Scattering Loss Measurement in Microstructured Optical Fibres.”


 Seyed Reza Sandoghchi1, David Robert Gray1, Yong Chen1, Natalie Wheeler1, Tom Bradley1, John Richard Hayes1, Eric Rodrigue Numkam Fokoua1, Gregory Teofil Jasion1, Seyed Mohammad Abokhamis Mousavi1, Marco Petrovich1, Francesco Poletti1;


1University of Southampton, Southampton, UK.



Two honorable mention winners



Fernando Guiomar


“Ultra-Long-Haul 400G Superchannel Transmission with Multi-Carrier Nonlinear Equalization”.


 Fernando Guiomar1, Sofia Amado1, Jacklyn Reis2, Sandro Rossi2, Andrea Chiuchiarelli2, Juliano Oliveira2, António Teixeira1, Armando Pinto3;


1Instituto de Telecomunicações, Aveiro, Portugal, 2CPqD, Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil ,3Instituto de Telecomunicações, Department of Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics, University of Aveiro, Portugal.






M. Sezer Erkilinc


“Polarization-Insensitive Single Balanced Photodiode Coherent Receiver for Passive Optical Networks”



M. Sezer Erkilinc1, Domanic Lavery1, Robert Maher1, Milen Paskov1, Benn C. Thomsen1, Polina Bayvel1, Robert I. Killey1, Seb J. Savory1;



1University College London, London, United Kingdom.


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