Rump Session

Optical innovation, quo vadis?



Monday 28 September, 19:30





Jörg-Peter Elbers (ADVA Optical Networking) and Glenn Wellbrock (Verizon).




From ground-breaking discoveries to novel products and global standards, optical communications has been a steady source of innovation for more than 50 years. Phenomenal progress has been made recently, making further improvements much harder now.


This rump session will debate where optical innovation will be going: What is hot? What is not in the future?

An introduction by the organizers and 1-slide statements by invited provocateurs will set the scene. Participants are encouraged to actively engage in the discussions and contribute their own thoughts.


Spanish wine and tapas will be provided.


The session will address questions such as:

  • What will be the next disruptive innovation in optical communications?
  • What about emerging technologies such as new fibers, amplifiers, switches, SiliconPhotonics and O/E integration?
  • Will optical hardware turn into a commodity and innovation only happen in software?
  • Are there new markets and applications requiring radically different solutions?
  • Who will be driving optical innovation in the future?
  • What will be the impact of recent mergers and acquisitions?
  • How can we keep a sustainable value chain?
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