Symposium 2

Afternoon Symposium


Wednesday, 14:15-17.30, 30 September, 2015


Light: Enabling the Global Internet Era


To commemorate the International Year of Light 2015



Periklis Petropoulos, Optoelectronics Research Centre, University of Southampton




The International Year of Light celebrates the importance of light-based technologies in the development of our societies. Optical technologies have been responsible for the transformation in communications and the evolution of the Internet as we have experienced it in the last two decades, and will play an ever-increasing role in tomorrow’s communication networks. This event looks back at the history of optical communication technologies and offers a glance to what the future may hold.





14:15-14:45 John Harvey, Vice President of the International Commission on Optics

The International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies

Abstract: The United Nations has declared 2015 the International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies, and activities have already reached millions of people worldwide. This talk will review progress to date, discussing issues especially relevant to the optical communications sector.

14:45-15:15 Emmanuel B. Desurvire, Thales Research & Technology

Light information traveling through a fiberglass web

Abstract: At the heart of the Internet is a fiberglass web. At the heart of the optical telecom revolution, which made physically possible the deployment of this Internet at global scales, with virtually-infinite bandwidth and reach, is the optical fiber amplifier.


15:15-15:45 Meint K. Smit, COBRA Research Institute, Technical Univ Eindhoven

Past, Present and Prospects of Photonic Integration

Abstract: In the presentation the development of InP-based Photonic Integration Technology for telecommunication applications will be reviewed and its prospects for providing low-cost Photonic ICs with an ever increasing performance and complexity, for a broad range of applications, will be discussed.


16:15-16:45 Neal S. Bergano, TE Subsea Communications, LLC

Undersea Fiber Optic Cable Systems – Enabling a Connected World

Abstract: The Earth’s continents are connected with a web of undersea fiber optic cables that join the world’s major population centers.  Anyone who surfs the Internet, makes overseas calls, or simply texts friends on other continents uses these undersea fiber optic cables. 


16:45-17:15 Andrew R. Chraplyvy, Bell Labs

The Second Era in the Age of Optical Fiber Communications
Abstract: Recently we entered the third era in the age of optical fiber communications. The first two eras each endured about 16 years. I will discuss the two factors (obviously one of them was the invention of EDFAs, but that in itself was not sufficient) that brought the first era of fiber communications to a close and ushered in the middle era from which we have recently emerged.



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